Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cool Resource: National Archives Films

"Over 70 years ago, the National Archives was founded to preserve American historical documents, as well as the moments and events that could be saved in still photos, films, and audio recordings. Today the Archives is home to everything from rare historical footage (newsreels and government documentaries from the 1930s) to the 1969 moon landing. Now Google is launching a pilot program to digitize its video content and offer it to everyone in the world for free, and you can watch a growing selection on Google Video." - Dr. John Jaeger, Dallas Baptist University

For those of you that have slow online connections that don't buffer well but would still like to see some of these films, you can download both the Google video viewer and individual films to a flash drive and then view at your leisure. I was able to download these from my extremely fast connection at work since I'm too cheap to pay for a fast connection at home (yes, I still use dial-up).

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  1. I haven't had a chance to watch these yet, but I'm bookmarking the page. They look fun!