Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, I finally did it. I updated my blogger template. I switched over to the new blogger a few weeks ago, but hadn't gotten around to updating the template. I was actually glad to update the template. That old one was starting to depress me. The black background with white text was just no fun to look at anymore. Hopefully this one will be easier on the eyes!


  1. It's nice... Do you know that you can use the layout feature to put your iceberg picture up? I don't know how to get it into the header, but I'm pretty sure you can go to layout, go to the sidebar and click add a feature. There is an option to add a picture.

    Happy V-day tomorrow!

  2. Nice indeed! Ok now write us an update about you. We need to test the fresh design with fresh data ;~)

    In the mean time, I am very much enjoying your company over on my blog.

    I have a small confession ... i don't really remember your previous look ... but from what you said about it, i think you've made some very good decisions. This certainly feels light and fresh.

    Love that iceberg!