Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Not Fair...

I was reading over at The Amazing Shrinking Mom's website today, and she hit on something I've been whining about now for weeks. Namely, the less you weigh the less you need to eat. That is just not fair ... but that is the way it works. I've recently lost a good chunk of weight and, as it turned out, the more weight I lost the less food I needed. So now that I'm on the maintenance plan I get about the same amount of food to maintain my weight as I previously got to lose the weight. On the bright side of things (uh-huh), in the event of worldwide famine I will not need as much food to survive as others. Ok, back to reality now.

According to my doctor, I shouldn't weigh more than 120 pounds. I currently weigh about 5 pounds less than that (more or less, depending on the time of month). I'm allowed about 1100 calories a day in order to maintain that weight. That. Isn't. Very. Much. Food. Can you hear the desperation here??? So a new plan of action is needed.

I will re-discover exercise and weight training. Building up some muscle mass has never seemed like so much fun. Ok, so not really fun so much as I will really really like the pay-off. Yes, I will work out so I can have a few more calories a day. I'm not a big eater, but I do like food and enjoy events that revolve around food. Anyone for a wine and cheese tasting? How about some dark chocolate? Yum-o.

So, wish me luck. I'm not an extremely disciplined person, but I'm learning that there is often a pay-off. I managed to lose the weight so I know I can muster up enough self-discipline for a little exercise -- right after I watch a few episodes on the Food Network.


  1. My friend and I were discussing this today and we huffed and puffed around the park. "Not fair!" we said, "Not fair!" But what are you gonna do?

  2. It isn't fair! Best of luck to you. I just don't have the discipline to exercise, so I tip my hat to you.

  3. Thank you Momish. I can use all the hurrahs I can get!

  4. Good for you! I currently need to lose weight - I've gained over 25 pounds since my wedding day.