Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dawn Over the Mountains

Creative Commons Image Attribution

Dawn Over the Mountains

The city is silent,
Sound drains away,
Buildings vanish in the light of dawn,
Cold sunlight comes on the highest peak,
The thick dust of night
Clings to the hills,
The earth opens,
The river boats are vague,
The still sky--
The sound of falling leaves.
A huge doe comes to the garden gate,
Lost from the herd,
Seeking its fellows.

-- Tu Fu, from Songs of Love, Moon, & Wind: Poems from the Chinese, trans. Kenneth Rexroth


  1. Lovely! Just the other day I was thinking that as much as I dislike winter mornings and getting up and going out in the dark, seeing the sun rise on my way to work is pretty amazing.

    1. Watching the sun rise is the reward for getting up so early! Well, that and coffee :)

  2. Yep, sunrises and coffee... It gets me through ice and snow on my wind-shield and being FREEZING!

    1. Pretty severe winter this year for many. Keep your hands on that hot coffee mug and STAY WARM!

  3. I'm with you all. Coffee and sunrise. Love it! On another note, I really need to get back to reading more poetry.