Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Tuesday, Where are You?

I just got back from October Country in Illinois where I wrote the history of a spook family (From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury). Today I'm in Japan. I've been to the airport twice so far; once to send my brother off on a year long trip to the United States and again to pick him up as he returns home to Japan. I'm confused about his relationships with both Sarah and Mari. I hope to determine where the author is taking my storyline soon! (Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto)

Join raidergirl3 at An Adventure in Reading and let her know where your reading is taking you this Tuesday.


  1. I'm being held hostage in an unnamed Latin American country... but at least there's an opera singer to entertain us! (Bel Canto)

  2. I really enjoyed From the Dust Returned, and Asleep is one I want to read someday. I look forward to your reviews!

  3. I'm in the Yorkshire moors this week.
    How are you liking Asleep?

  4. Japan sounds like a great place to be! I'm in Wisconsin and have been for a while...actually just found out after 150 pages that I'm in Wisconsin...before that I wasn't sure!

  5. I am currently in Rome, discovering a hidden Caravaggio masterpiece (The Garde of Evil - David Hewson)

    Oh and I have also tagged you here

  6. I know you're busy but just in case you have the time...


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