Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Tuesday, Where are you?

Today I'm in Paris at the 1889 World Exposition. I've become suspicious that two seemingly accidental deaths are not what they seem. Two bee sting deaths? Will there be more? I'm just a bookseller, but I'm going to try and solve these murders. (Murder on the Eiffel Tower by Claude Izner)

Join raidergirl3 at An Adventure in Reading and let her know where your reading is taking you this Tuesday.

Special note: Isn't that a great widget at the top of the post? A big thank you to Tanabata for letting me use the widget she created!



  1. Ohhhh, sounds good!! I'm trying to remember where I was last week--or am I still reading the same book? Eeeks--I think I am!! Still in Nigeria--Half of a Yellow Sun. Really enjoying it!

  2. certainly sounds an intriguing book Terri.

    As for me I am in Arbroath, Scotland still running away from the mysterious death of my best friend 15 years ago. Only I've just been invited to a school reunion.. (Tombstoning by Doug Johnstone)

  3. This sounds fun.
    I just replied to you by email and in the comments but feel free to use the button. :)

  4. trish: I have trouble remembering where I've been sometimes too! Both in real life and reading life :o)

    jo: Someday I want to go to Scotland, but not because I'm running away from something!

    tanabata: Thank you! May I say again that I LOVE that widget. I gave you a shout out :o)