Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Wednesday, Where am I?

I'm obviously a day behind! This weekly meme is usually titled, "It's Tuesday, Where are you?" and is hosted by raidergirl3. I've got a great excuse for being behind. It's called "my job that pays me money so I can pay my bills." OK ... now that I've got my excuses out of the way ...

I just left the suburbs of Tokyo. Since I've been hanging around the "underbelly of Japanese society," I'm a little depressed. It has been a very noir experience. (Out by Natsuo Kirino)

I'm about to enter the world of Dante scholars who are trying to solve a murder in Boston in 1865. (The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl)


  1. At first, I thought this was like a new meme group that I was missing. I thought, "Hey, that's been done, lady!" ;) Glad to see where you are, though, anyway.

  2. I'm in Portland, where the serial killer Gretchen Lowell has escaped and all she wants is Detective Archie Sheridan...

    (SweetHeart by Chelsea Cain - a signed copy too! :D )

  3. Oh, so what did you think of "Out"?
    I've just arrived in Kyoto and the world of geisha in training. :)

  4. justareadingfool: Fooled you! But apparently not for long.

    jo: A female serial killer?? I don't think I've seen any of those in my reading travels before.

    tanabata: I've got my review up for Out. I'm not sure I can say I enjoyed it but I thought it was incredibly well done and translated. It definitely held my attention.