Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Transported ...

Today I came home from a long day at work, put a CD in the player, poured a glass of chardonnay from my favorite Edna Valley winery, sunk into my couch, closed my eyes ... and listened. I was slowly soothed and transported.

Each week I play along with raidergirl3 at An Adventure in Reading to write about where my reading is taking me that week. It's an appropriate question since any reader will tell you that they do indeed "travel" through various time periods, cultures, and geographies when they read. Some of us even leave the planet or reality as we know it. Music has a similar effect on me. I'm transported. I'm enchanted and held spellbound. I'm carried away by overwhelming emotion. Not all music has this effect, but much of what I listen to does indeed have the capacity to move me this way.

These thoughts led me to the idea that I might like to do a weekly post about the music I'm listening to. I'm not sure what this weekly post should be called, so if any of you have ideas for naming this pursuit, please make suggestions. I would also love it if you would join me each week. I'm always interested in what people are listening to.

So ... what was I listening to this evening? You didn't think I'd go away without telling you, did you?

Madredeus: O Espirito Da Paz
(the link should give you the opportunity to hear samples)

Madredeus is a Portuguese group of six that includes voice, classical guitar, cello, accordion, and keyboards. There are strong elements of fado here, but may be classified by some as classical. A sense of sadness and longing come across without becoming unbearably heavy. It is powerful and emotional and the voice of Teresa Salgueiro is heavenly. The lyrics are in Portuguese, but it is not necessary to understand the language to get the message of the music. Truly breathtaking.

What music is transporting you today?


  1. If the question is 'Where is the music taking you today?', How about calling the meme 'Sound Travels'?

    As for me, today I'm playing a 'Sounds of the Summer' compilation and thinking of a warm beach somewhere, instead of the rain I can see out of the window....


  2. jo, Thanks for visiting and for the suggestion! Hope the sun comes out soon. We get so few rainy days that I kinda like it when it does rain.

  3. A couple of days late, but I've been enjoying Paolo Nutini's "These Streets" album. I'm going to post about it later this weekend.

  4. That sounds heavenly, Terri. I was just listening to a mixed CD my brother-in-law made for me. He just throws a bunch of songs on it that he thinks I will like and he's usually right.

    Music can transport me as well, depending one what I am listening to.

  5. les, I haven't heard of Paolo Nutini so I went to amazon and listened. Good stuff! I even put it on my wishlist. Thanks :o)

    literary feline, Isn't it great to have someone who knows your tastes well enough to send you music?