Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sound Travels

Today I'm in Sao Vicente, a tiny Cape Verde island off the Western coast of Africa. I'm listening to Cesaria Evora's CD album "Cafe Atlantico" and if I close my eyes I can imagine I'm in a smoky cafe drinking a gin & tonic while the fans overhead move the air around me. The album is in Portuguese, but I don't need to know the language in order to understand the "joyous ache that sings her love to the world."

Samples from "Cafe Atlantico" can be listened to here.

Where is music transporting you today?


  1. Unfortunately nowhere this week, as my stereo is disconnected while I redecorate pretty much two thirds of my house....

    Hopefully next week..

  2. Wow! I love your description.

  3. jo: Hope you get your stereo connection back soon, but hopefully the redecoration will be worth the disconnect!