Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Taunting the Muse

My muse is still on vacation so I thought I'd cause some trouble while she is away. I'm writing blog posts minus her input. Maybe I can embarrass her sufficiently to cut her vacation short and get back here where she belongs.

If you read my post "Waiting for the Muse", you will see the current state of my brain. It is absolute insanity in there right now. And to make matters worse the hormones are about to kick in and make their contribution to the general mayhem. I apologize in advance to anyone that will be having dealings with me for the next week.

So, what does one read when one is in the midst of gray-matter-madness? Weeeellll ... how about this:

This is "That Girl! meets Miss Marple."
This is a "Murder A-Go-Go Mystery."
This is a book for a brain being held together by Dippity-do.
This is It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder by Rosemary Martin.

Our main character is Bebe Bennett (aka Elizabeth Bennett for you Jane Austen aficionados) and she works for Rip City Records in New York City circa 1964. When she's not working as a secretary or going out to "fab" night clubs in her go-go boots, she's solving murders with her friend Darlene. First murder up is Philip Royal of the Beefeaters (think Beatles-esque) and he has been electrocuted with his own guitar. Yes folks, those electric guitars are DANGEROUS! But I have faith that Bebe will solve this who-done-it without even mussing her wonderful Marlo Thomas hair flip.

Yup. This is all my brain can deal with right now. No Trollope or Dostoyevsky for me. And don't even suggest poetry. I can barely deal with prose at the moment let alone any metered or (heaven forbid) free-verse-see-if-you-can-figure-it-out wordage.

HEY, MUSE! Are you embarrassed yet?


  1. You tell that muse!

    This looks pretty fun. Maybe you'll let me borrow it when you're done?

  2. Sis,

    You crack me up!!!


  3. A. and Mary-LUE,
    Have you gone to the Murder A-Go-Go website? If you drag your mouse around, it gets followed by a trail of colorful daisies! I am easily amused these days.

  4. Mary-LUE,
    Yes! You can borrow this when I'm finished.