Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading Goals and Challenges 2012

I don't have terribly lofty reading goals for 2012 (since I fail if they are too many or too complex), but I do have a few and thought I'd share them with you. 'Tis the season for goals you know.


Goal #1 - Read lots of books I already own

There will not be a book buying ban, but I will be trying to read as many books that I already own as possible. This could actually keep me busy for about a decade since I have so many. It is really quite embarrassing when I look at the number of books I own and haven't read. See that picture above? Those are just some of the books that need read. They are also occupying my breakfast nook. Have I mentioned this as a problem before? Why, yes! Yes, I have! Maybe I won't have to repeat myself next year? Ah, well, I can at least try.

BTW, I don't impose book buying bans on myself because they work to opposing effect with me. I will just feel an inordinate NEED to buy more books if I do that. A book buying ban is negative, but a "read what you own" tactic is positive. I know I'm not the only one who plays mind games with themselves. Right?? *smile*

Merely Mystery Reading Challenge

Goal #2 - Join a limited number of reading challenges

Yeah. I don't do well with reading challenges. I join and then read the books but never write any blog posts. That rather defeats the social nature of reading challenges, yes? I will be joining a few anyway. All I can say is, "I will try to actually participate." Here are the ones I know I will join:

Merely Mystery Reading Challenge 2012 - hosted by Literary Feline at Musings of a Bookish Kitty
I have tons of unread mysteries. My problem will not be finding enough mysteries on Mt. TBR, but rather choosing which ones to read.

Once Upon a Time Reading Challenge (Spring 2012)
R.I.P. Reading Challenge (Fall 2012) - Both of these challenges are hosted by Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings
These challenges have not been announced yet, but I'm hoping! I just can't imagine not participating in these two challenges. I should be able to draw from Mt. TBR for titles to fulfill both of these challenges. I already have plenty of fantasy/folklore/fairy tales for OUT as well as lots of "spooky reads" for R.I.P.

Japanese Literature Challenge - hosted by Bellezza at Dolce Bellezza
This wonderful challenge generally takes place June through January. I haven't heard if there will be one this coming year or not, but I hope so!

Clarissa Read-a-long

Goal #3 - Clarissa Read-a-long

I've been meaning to read this 18th century epistolary novel by Samuel Richardson for decades. I mentioned this as a personal reading goal on Twitter (and previously here on the blog), and found that others are also interested. As of now, I will be reading Clarissa as a read-a-long with JoAnn at Lakeside Musing beginning January 10th. A few others have also expressed interest over at her blog. The plan is to read the letters on or around their corresponding dates of January 10th through December 18th. It's not a firm schedule, but we are leaning toward monthly progress posts as well as chatting on Twitter. Do you want to join us?

As of now, these are my goals. The biggest one is to try and read down Mt. TBR. The reading challenges can all be accomplished by reading from Goal #1 and the Clarissa read-a-long is based on a personal reading goal but should be more fun with company!


  1. I'll join you, unofficially, in trying to read books from my own piles instead of ever buying more. Also, there will be a Japanese Literature Challenge 6, I just haven't put it together yet. I will do so in June. So fun to read of your goals. (Also, I bought the Christmas book from Everyman's Library you'd posted about it. I'll look forward to it in Christmases to come, too.)

  2. Bellezza: I will be happy to have company as we read books we already own! So glad to hear there will be a JLC6. I always enjoy my reading for this challenge. Isn't that Christmas book from Everyman's beautiful? Glad you have a copy :)

  3. I'm planning to read Clarissa during the month of April w/Allie at A Literary Odyssey. I love the idea of splitting it up over 2012 to match the dates! I'm doing that with Middlemarch, to match the original dates of publication in 2012. ;)

  4. Great goals, especially the reading books you already own part. That is my plan every year and although I'm doing much better than a few years ago, I still have lots of room for improvement.

    And my challenges are certainly on!!! :)

  5. Those mind games totally work ;) Best of luck with your goals, Terri! It sounds like lots of us will be paying more attention to the books we already own in 2012.

  6. Oh that Clarissa reading plan sounds perfect! I might have to join you. :)

  7. Goals #1 and #3 pretty much sum up my plans for 2012. Can't wait to get started with Clarissa!

  8. I'm right behind you on goals #1 and #3. Trouble is, I live with in five minutes walk of two libraries and I'm very easily distracted by shony new books.

  9. I will definitely be joining some of the challenges you mentioned, specifically the Once Upon a Time Challenge. I'm excited to read for the Science Fiction Experience that Carl is hosting. I also need to join the Japanese Literature Challenge since I really need to explore more with that. I am also thinking about joining Clarissa but feel like I might wimp out since I am hosting The Stephen King Project with Kathleen from Boarding In My Forties, so that will definitely be quite a bit of work as well! Decisions, decisions!

    Enjoy your challenges, and I will be eager to see what great books you read for it!

  10. Natalie: Looks like you already have a lot on your reading plate! Some of Stephen King's books and series are quite lengthy. I've been reading through the Dark Tower series and loving it. Enjoy :)