Saturday, October 22, 2011

Read-a-thon: Hour Four

Hope everyone is having fun reading! I got up this morning and read for awhile and then went back to sleep for a bit. I had a terribly exhausting week at work and guess I really needed a bit more sleep. Like I said, I did read a bit first:

The Hidden Coronet by Catherine Fisher
Pages read = 40

The Hidden Coronet is book three in the Relic Master series. It's a middle grade/YA series. I call it middle grade/YA because I think it would appeal to both age levels. It's a fantasy (some might call it science fiction) and the premise is that Anara is a terraformed world. It was terraformed by the Makers (from Earth). The indigenous species are bipedal cat like people, the Sekoi. Apparently the Makers have all left? Died? I'm not sure yet. But they left behind those of the Order, the Keepers, probably to maintain the relics. Again, all is not clear yet. There is an evil being referred to as the Margrave. Again, not sure about this being, but he? it? appears to be a "fallen" human. The Margrave controls the Watch who are out to destroy the Order.

There are some fantastic themes and world building. I don't like tedious world building that becomes the sole focus of the book, but Fisher does an amazing job building her world of Anara. The world building is slowly revealed and is woven throughout the story.

Great adventure (some questing!) and the setting of a terraformed world either incomplete or slowly unraveling makes for some good reading.

Here is a link to the author video that I thought was quite good.

Here is a link to the book trailer.

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  1. Sounds intriguing. Keep having a fabulous readathon! CHEERS