Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Non-bookish Post

Since I still haven't written any book reviews to share with you, I thought I'd share some food thoughts instead. Food is indeed the next best thing to books ... right? *smile*

Have you ever had cucumber water? No ... really ... hear me out on this one. Some restaurants serve a slice of lemon in their water, but there is a bistro near my house that serves it with a slice of cucumber. I know it sounds weird, but it really is good (unless, of course, you despise cucumbers). I like it so much that I decided to make up a pitcher here at home. I sliced four very thin discs off of the cucumber (wash first and leave the skin on) and tossed them into a 2-quart pitcher. I let it sit for about an hour in the refrigerator before serving into a glass with ice and another thin slice of cucumber. You might like it with either more or less cucumber.

Summer is the season for berries and we are having an excellent strawberry year here in California. I went to the farmers market this week and came home with all manner of fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are the strawberries I brought home; all sliced up and ready to eat.

They are so sweet this year that they don't need any sugar sprinkled over them.

Do you have any foods you especially like to eat in the summer? Are you having a good summer fruit year where you live (those in the Northern Hemisphere)? Do you grow any of your own fruits and vegetables? Do you have a farmers market near you?


  1. OMG those look so delicious Terri!!! I just love strawberries in the summer! Well, really I like them any time of the year :p Oranges too. Those are my other favorites. I have a satsuma tree in my backyard that we bought this summer and we have two little satsumas that just started growing! It won't kick into high gear until the Fall though.

    And cucumber water! I've never heard of it but I'll definitely have to try it!! It sounds so refreshing!

  2. Those strawberries look yummy. I LOVE both strawberries and blueberries and eat both just like that--out of the bowl! We live in a condo so we just have flowers no fruits or veggies.

  3. I've heard of cucumber water. Personally, I prefer slices of citrus, but I can imagine it's very refreshing.