Friday, July 02, 2010

How Goes the Book Weeding?

You might remember, if you visit here often, that back in May I wrote about my need for some book sanity. Specifically the need to weed my collection. I've been working on this since January and since then I've found out that I'm not alone! Many of you have been trying to keep up with TBR collections or, like me, just trying to get the whole down to a more manageable size for the space allotted. I've made some good progress, but I'm getting to the point where it is going to become more difficult because I've gone through almost the entire collection and weeded out the obvious (don't have an interest anymore, will never read again, etc.).

So far (January through June):
Books out = 203
Books in = 60 (really, I couldn't help it!)
Net books out = 143

How are your weeding efforts coming along? Are you making progress? Staying even? Increasing the collection?

Update to yesterday's post:
After I posted yesterday, I realized that I didn't mention the Japanese Literature Challenge hosted by Bellezza. I've committed to read one book before January 30, 2011. Yes, I can do this! I didn't create a list this year, but will probably read Real World by Natsuo Kirino. Of course, I could pull something from last years reading list.


  1. I have a terrible time keeping track, but I'm guessing you've done a better job weeding than I have. Fewer books are coming in and more going out, but I still have way, way too many.

  2. 143 is quite a respectable net total. :)

    Moving helped me weed through my physical TBR. Books weigh a lot when you pile 'em all up together, so I only brought a small selection of my own books overseas with me. Now that I've got a library card, though, it's like I have a TBR of thousands. I keep going a little wild at the library, borrowing book after book after book until I have an embarrassing number out. A week or so ago, I finally admitted that I was overextended. I've been trying to return the ones I'm pretty sure I won't get to before they're due, but it's HARD! Almost as hard as it was to reduce my books-I've-bought TBR. Sigh.

  3. Terri: What helped me some is that I keep track of books I think I might like to read later on a list on listography It's helped some, but of course, what doesn't help is that I work at a library.

  4. Bookfool: I have spent a lot of time getting the books into LibraryThing and then going through them all to make decisions. It has really cut into my reading time (ack!), but I must say it is rewarding in the long run.

    Memory: Just thinking about having to move all my books makes me shiver. LOL about going wild at the library! I guess some of us just need to be surrounded by books (smile).

    unfinishedperson: I use Delicious to keep track of things. Didn't think to use it to keep track of a TBR list -- duh! I'll have to go check out Listography. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  5. You are a far, far better woman than I. Good work!

  6. I can never get my OUT pile looking bigger than my IN pile.

    Perhaps I should just give up and get my boyfriend to fix up some new shelves!

  7. I need to do this, too, or we're all going to have to move out to make room for the books. They've already completely taken over the attic... It's always so hard, though, to make the tough decisions on which ones to pitch and which ones to keep. Inevitably, I'll deep-six one and then want to read it later. Since this has happened in the past, I'm even more reticent about weeding; and so, the pile just keeps growing and growing...