Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hi Fellow Book Bloggers!

Yes, I have been MIA from my blog for quite awhile. I didn't really intend to take a blog break, but I found myself unable to keep up with blogging the last few months. Besides the usual things that occupy my time (family, work, church, etc.), I'm currently taking a class called Literary Exegesis and Analysis. It is so much work and it is FANTASTIC! I'm enjoying myself and learning so much, but it doesn't leave me too much time for reading and even less time for blogging.

I will be posting a review later tonight. It will be a short review and will not really employ any of the new analysis skills I'm learning. But, hey, it's for my blog and nothing I'll be submitting to a professor [smile].


  1. It's SO great to hear from you, Terri! :D

  2. Hooray, you're back! Looking forward to whatever you can spare from the professor ;)

  3. Hi Terri, it's great to hear from you again and to see you blogging!

  4. The class you are taking sounds so interesting! I am glad you are enjoying it, Terri.

    I've been blogging more sporadically than usual and not able to get around and visit much at all because of everything going on with me, so I understand what you've been going through.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Terri, it's good to see you back, and thanks for the comments on my blog again. I love when a class excites me, and I actually learn from it instead of doing paper work. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle discussion looks good, I just finished that novel this winter so I'll pop on over to see what every one thinks.