Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hello Japan! November Challenge

Hello Japan! November: Are you hungry?
November's challenge was to eat some Japanese food and take pictures.

The Hello Japan! monthly meme is hosted by Tanabata at In Spring it is the Dawn.

My husband and I have a standing date on Fridays at Kaori, our local Japanese restaurant, where Gino makes us some of the most heavenly dishes. We usually have sushi, but sometimes we get steaming bowls of udon noodle soup or a salmon bento. The noodle soup is marvelous on a cold night. Here is our meal from November 20th:

Me and Mr. Distortion starting our meal with miso. Apparently I haven't learned how to keep my chest out of my food yet. And yes, that is beer in the background. I think a nice cold glass of Asahi is a good complement to some of the spicy tuna dishes.


This one is a variety of salad greens with vinegared seaweed on top.

Roll Gino 32.

Spicy tuna and shizo leaf wrapped in seaweed. I don't recall what else is in there besides the rice, but it is delicious!

Yellow Tail Avocado Roll.

One of my favorites.

Olive Snapper.

Lightly cooked and drizzled with olive oil (and Gino's secret spices!).

Summer Hand Roll.

Spicy tuna, shizo leaf and vegetables all wrapped up like an ice cream cone in seaweed.


  1. I don't normally eat Japanese food but some of this looks very yummy. Is the yellow tail cooked?

  2. Book Dragon: The yellow tail is not cooked. It is a fairly mild tasting fish and is one of the first I ever had as sushi.

  3. This makes me wish I were a more adventurous eater :P It sounds like you had a lovely time!

  4. Hi Terri, those look yummy! I really like presentation of Japanese food.

  5. Being a vegetarian, I miss sushi like no one's business. :/ Enjoyed this post though!

  6. It all looks great! I can understand why you go to that restaurant regularly. :)