Friday, July 03, 2009

Vlogging: A Saga

I decided to create a little vlog where I chat about some of the books on my TBR pile, and about books I've set aside for the Japanese Literature Challenge (hosted by Bellezza) coming up soon, and the R.I.P. challenge (hosted by Carl V.) that I hope will run again this Fall. I've been told this is easy to do. So ... what do you think I've been doing for the last 2 whole days??? Not so easy, at least the first time.

Recording the video was easy enough ... after I adjusted the lighting so you could see me, after I recorded the video 3 times since the first 2 times I didn't seem to have any audio, and then recorded the whole thing yet again since the phone rang, the trash truck arrived, and several people decided to bang on my front door during recording. I finally had a video that I was mostly happy with, though I will be working on things like not closing my eyes while talking, looking at the camera instead of the screen and not saying "um" or "ah." The things you learn from watching yourself on a recording!

The next step was to upload the video to YouTube. Problems? You bet! I learned that I must first "publish" my video so that the software can turn it into something with a file extension that YouTube accepts. Also, a 9 minute and 58 second 2GB video is just too big for YouTube (even though the upload page says it will accept 10 minute 2GB videos). The video looked like it was uploading (all night), but it was not. Lying computer. So, I decided that maybe I should split the video into two shorter bits. That entailed a learning curve with my software.

Anyway, here I sit waiting to see if YouTube will indeed accept my new, shorter uploads. Hope, hope, hope ...


  1. I keep considering a vlog entry, too. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!


  2. Lezlie: Hopefully this will become easier in future, but I did have fun in spite of the learning curve. I'll look forward to yours!

  3. Did you 'publish' it in Windows Movie Maker? Or just save it? Publishing it makes it the best. :)

  4. Eva: I finally figured out that I needed to publish it in Windows Movie Maker. Otherwise the extension on the end of the file wouldn't allow YouTube to accept it. I think the publishing function may have also compressed the video keeping it from being so HUGE! Next I need to figure out why the audio and video didn't stay synced.

  5. do you use a video camera or your regular camera? My regular camera has video capabilities so I've always used that for my little vlogs. Then I just upload the video straight to blogger--no You Tube. Could you try that next time or is the video file too big to upload straight to blogger?