Friday, September 26, 2008

You Make Me Enjoy Blogging

Bellezza made my day on Tuesday by giving me this award! Tuesday was a rather crazy day for me and it was so nice to visit her blog and see that she mentioned me as one of the people that make her enjoy blogging.

Now I must pass along this award to three other bloggers. This is the hard part since so many of you make me enjoy blogging. I started blogging just to have a place to write and was delighted to discover an online community that never fails to brighten my day. I'm passing along the You Make Me Enjoy Blogging award to:

Mary-LUE at Life, the Universe and Everything
First of all, Mary-LUE knows that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. This is very reassuring to me. On the serious side, Mary-LUE writes thoughtful posts and hosts the Sleeping with Bread meme each Monday. Go here to read more about Sleeping with Bread and/or to participate (information about SWB is in the sidebar). Sleeping with Bread is a chance to reflect weekly on those things that have brought consolation and those things that have brought desolation. For those familiar with it, it is based on the Examen, but as Mary-LUE points out, even though it is a Christian practice it can be done by those not practicing the Christian faith. I appreciate her willingness to host this thoughtful meme despite a busy schedule that currently includes much homework as a grad school student.

Literary Feline at Musings of a Bookish Kitty
I absolutely LOVE reading Literary Feline's book reviews. Her reviews have never failed to give me a good sense of the book and I find them thoughtful and genuine. As a special bonus for me, she reviews many mystery series. Not all book bloggers review books in this genre, but I know that I can count on Literary Feline to keep me in good mystery titles! She is also an excellent commenter and is wonderful at drawing her readers into conversation within her own comments section. It just kinda makes a person enjoy blogging!

Lezlie at Books 'N Border Collies
Lezlie recently posted the YouTube Ninja Kitteh Comes Closer Without Moving video. This is reason enough to give her the You Make Me Enjoy Blogging award ... but it's not the only reason! Lezlie is a regular commenter on my blog and always has encouraging words for me whether they be for my book reviews or to support my latest fitness endeavors. Of course, there is also the book connection and I've picked up a number of great book recommendations through her wonderful reviews.


  1. Thanks so much, Terri!

  2. Thanks! You're making me blush!

    (And since it is probably bad form to give an award right back to someone, know that you also make me enjoy blogging!)

  3. Thank you so much, Terri! Your words made my day. :-) I think you are pretty terrific too, not to mention one of the reasons I also enjoy blogging.