Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sound Travels: Page & Plant

No Quarter Unledded

This week I'm listening to some old guys who can still rock. Page and Plant joined up with an Egyptian ensemble, musicians in Marrakech, and the London Metropolitan Orchestra to create an aural experience that will take you to Marrakech (Marec), Snowdonia (Wales), and London (Albion). I like this quote found in the liner notes:

"Credit must be given to Bron-Y-Aur, a small derelict cottage in South Snowdonia for painting a somewhat forgotten picture of true completeness which acted as an incentive to some of the musical statements."
A number of the tunes are pulled from old Led Zeppelin albums and re-worked to pull in Middle Eastern and Celtic musical elements. If you like the music on No Quarter, I also recommend the concert/on location DVD.

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  1. I believe I saw this on VH1 or PBS or somewhere years ago. It was very good, as I recall.

    Speaking of Celtic musical elements, have you ever heard the CD where Roger Daltrey was with The Chieftains in Dublin? Pure magic.

    As for me, today and this week I'm listening to U2 as I'm "scrobbling" it on LastFM to balance my overall charts in favor of those artists/groups that are my favorites. Next up: R.E.M.