Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sound Travels

Thank you Jo at Always Been A Dreamer for the title of my new weekly post, Sound Travels! I like what raidergirl3 does at An Adventure in Reading each Tuesday when she asks "It's Tuesday, where are you?" and thought I'd copy her idea and apply it to music listening. Like reading, music can be transporting and take us places. Feel free to join me each week at Sound Travels and let readers know what you're listening to.

Today I'm listening to Big Head Todd and the Monsters 1993 CD Sister Sweetly. I first heard this, when it was new, while sitting in a coffee house in Colorado (reading, of course) and it grabbed me right away. A few years later, I got to see this band in concert at a small to medium sized venue and still have fond memories. When I listen to this particular CD, I can actually smell the coffee and feel the wonderful Colorado mountain air again!

Big Head Todd and the Monsters is a touring band that doesn't depend on CD or download profits for their income. Because of this, they offer free downloads of their music. Go here to read about it and download some tunes.

So what are you listening to and where is it transporting you?


  1. Cool idea! I hardly ever listen to music (weird, being a singer and all), but if I do, I'll be to check in here! :-)


  2. Yay! A Mention! Thanks Terri.

    I've only been doing this blogging lark a few months so I really appreciate it!

    As for today, I'm in Jamaica, listening to rapper Shinehead, who I first discovered when I got married there many moons ago...

  3. lezlie, My sister is a singer and she hardly ever listens to music either!

    jo, No problem! I've found bloggers (at least the ones I "hang out" with) to be a pretty inclusive bunch. Welcome to blogland! I found some samples from "Unity" to listen to. I must say I liked it and I don't usually go for rap.

  4. Maybe it's a musician thing. When it's your job, it's just work. :-)

    Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for your wonderful comments on RRL. Also, I appreciate the inclusion of my link. Thanks!

    (I read recently that Rushdie wrote EoF to get over his divorce from Padma Lakshmi. For some reason, I feel sort of bad about nailing the book like I did. His personal life shouldn't have any bearing on how one reads the book, but still....) Great chatting with you!

  6. My husband is playing Guitar Hero in the other room so I slipped on my Peter, Paul and Mary CD. Yeah, I like folk music. :-) Some of their melodies are quite haunting.

  7. Wow! What a coincidence! I hadn't heard of Big Head Todd and the Monsters until a few weeks ago. One of my co-workers mentioned the band so I listened to a few selections on Sister Sweetly and decided I had to own the album. I wound up buying it right before you posted this blog entry. Insert Twilight Zone music!

  8. les: Weird when you've never heard of something before and then it just keeps showing up! Glad you like it.