Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Apologies to Ms. Meyer: An update to my review of her Twilight series

I reviewed Stephenie Meyers' Twilight series in October 2007. I re-iterate my overall enjoyment of the first three books in the series and I stand by most of my criticisms and my decision not to send the books to my young teenaged granddaughter. Heck, if the books got an old married lady hot and bothered, what effect would they have on a hormone addled teenager just looking for surreptitious titillation?? So, if you're over 18, go for it. Yeah. I'm old.

So, as for that apology ...

In my original review, I comment on Ms. Meyers' use of vampires and werewolves and my desire to see the use of these dangerous and mythical creatures tied to a commentary on the human condition . I'm not sure what distracted me from noticing it the first time, but most of Ms. Meyers' vampires continually struggle against their baser natures and show an astonishing amount of self-control. Edward even thinks of himself as a monster and does not wish this existence on Bella.

I did not want to let my original review stand with such a glaring error in commentary.

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  1. i read the 1st book and was not a fan. the ideas were ok, but i thought the actual writing lacked. it was confusing at times.