Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Blank Page

Ever faced one of those scary monsters called The Blank Page? Yes, I thought you might have. You've probably guessed by now that I've brought this up because I've recently faced The Blank Page and need support. I am in recovery from the terror of staring down A Blank Page.

The most recent Blank Page Monster was attached to a work project. Of course it was a very, very important work project. It seems to me that the size of The Blank Page Monster grows with the importance (real or perceived) of the project. This one seemed pretty large to me. You know, full-grown dragon sized. These monsters also seem to grow bigger the longer you stare at them, so after 3 weeks this one was really huge. And really blank.

Well, Internet, guess who finally won the stare off? Yup, that would be me. That old Blank Page is just covered with lovely words now and has submitted to my control.

I feel like I should be knighted or something.


  1. I hereby knight thee Teri! Arise and go forth to do battle with the terrible dragon Blank Page to save us all from the horrors of Writers' Block.

    Bleh. I hear ya girl.

  2. I think you can rightfully say that you were indeed triumphant over your formerly blank page! How does "Terri, the Blank Page Warrior Princess" sound?