Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Of Knives and Shoes

Terri B. to Mr. D.: [while browsing at Williams Sonoma] "So ... I see you found the knife section ..."

Mr. D.: "Mm-hm" [he is a man of many words]

Terri B.: "We're not buying knives today ... right? I mean, we have two 8" chef's knives, a meat slicing knife, a meat cleaver, a boning knife, a bread cutting knife, at least two paring knives, and several more knives with mysterious specialty functions. So, you really don't need anymore knives ... right?"

Mr. D.: [looking at me while thinking]

Terri B.: [looking back and trying to appear authoritative]

Mr. D.: "You don't need anymore shoes ... right?"

Score one for Mr. Distortion and the kitchen knife collection. Sigh.


  1. Happy Boxing Day! (Do you guys call it that?)

  2. "Need" is a relative term.

  3. Haha He did get you there. I like Robin's response though. Need really is relative. ;-)

  4. B&P, Boxing Day appears on our calendars but I don't think I know anyone here that celebrates that day. I like to draw the season out a bit and call Dec 26th the First Day of Christmas. That way we can leave the tree up for an additional twelve days of Christmas and feel festive until January 6th :o)

  5. That so sounds like what my husband's response would be.