Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas at the Local

Our local pub is called The Olde Ship and it is pretty much the most festive place I've been so far this season. And yes, we actually have a pub in my Southern California town. Not only can you stop in for a pint (they have some great winter ale right now), but you can also get the most amazing food. Anything from fish and chips or a curry, to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Right now you can order from their very tasty Christmas menu. The "roast pork slow-cooked in English cider and served with an apricot dressing" is one of my favorites. And you can't leave without sharing their sticky toffee pudding with someone you love. Speaking of someone I love, here is a rare photo of Mr. Distortion enjoying the Christmas ambience at the local:

And just to prove I was there too (sans lipstick, oh no!):

Check out this link for some more great photos of Christmas at The Olde Ship, courtesy of The Olde Ship.

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