Thursday, July 19, 2007


Edited to add: I've found that if you subscribe by typing my URL into your reader, you will be subscribed to Sally's Tip of the Iceberg in Iowa. If you go to my blog and click the subscribe link (right sidebar), you should subscribe to my blog. Hopefully I will find out someday where the problem lies (reader? feedburner? other?) and this won't be an issue.

This is a test post to troubleshoot a problem my feed seems to be having.

To all of you who might have subscribed to my blog using a reader:

I made some changes today and am using Feedburner. This seems to have created a problem for at least one person who had previously subscribed to my blog using Google Reader. Apparently she was being sent to a different "Tip of the Iceberg" in Iowa. You may need to re-subscribe to resolve this problem if you are having problems getting to my blog. Sorry for any confusion. Technology. Geesh!


  1. Morning Terri - Nice blog you got here! (Oh - anybody else reading this...I'm the "other" Tip of the Iceberg.) Your's is set up way nicer than mine. I'm afraid of messing with mine because I'd screw something up for sure. If it ain't broke - don't fix it is my motto! Like you, I only post when I have something to say (which, during the summer, isn't much). I'm glad you left your comment on my blog so I could find and read you. I use the built-in reader in IE7 and it doesn't care what burner you are using. LOL

    Take care - I'm off to see your sis-in-law's blog.


  2. Ooops! Or maybe it does. I just tried to subscribe and got MY blog! Hmmmm, have to figure this one out.

  3. Ok - got ya. Tried it again and it gave me you. The two names must confuse the reader.