Friday, May 18, 2007

Flashback Friday: Disco Baby

Imagine. It's 1978. It's Saturday night and you're not yet old enough to think that tucking in with a glass of wine and a good book is the equivalent of a party. Saturday nights are for going where the action is and in 1978 the action is at the disco. Yes, mirror balls and "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor; clubs that never ask to see ID if you're a young cute female; tequila sunrises until sunrise. Yes ... I remember 1978 well.

I still remember the purple dress with black polka dots in these photos. The skirt of the dress was just right for all the swirling around on the dance floor. And the purple glitter eye shadow that you can't see in the picture? Perfect for catching all of the flashing lights from the strobes and the mirror ball. I loved the black patent platforms. They were surprisingly easy to move around in ... though it wouldn't have mattered since I was 17 and it was all about fashion, not comfort.

These pictures were taken by my Dad before I went out one Saturday night. I'm not sure where he thought I was going or what I would be doing, but he never let on that he was worried. He was either blissfully oblivious to the ways of 70s youth or he was scared to death and determined not to let it show; maybe a little of both. I have to remind myself that he spied on people for a living, so he probably wasn't as clueless as I imagined. Oh the arrogance of youth!

Well, the disco days are in the past but I do occasionally go along with Mr. Distortion when he plays the clubs, and as I look around I can't help thinking, "Do their parents know where they are"?

I must be getting old.


  1. I just showed this picture to Colin and he smiled and said, "She looks the same."

    I like your dress and shoes. Cute and comfortable. Oh, and the tassled bench? A classic!

  2. Ha! Sooo ... either I still look young or I look like a throwback? I'll take it as a compliment ;o)

    I hear the clothes are again in fashion in some circles.

    I looooved those shoes.