Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sleeping with Bread: Where IS my bread anyway?

I'm having a difficult time these days keeping track of where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing. I'm sure none of you can relate (wink). I don't know if I'm coming or going ... and if my Outlook calendar doesn't "blip" at me and tell me what I should be doing at any given moment I'm likely to miss the meeting, forget the class, confuse the deadline. Case in point: I'm writing a Sleeping with Bread Monday on Tuesday. Obviously my calendar forgot to tell me to get this done.

A friend recently compared keeping track of her schedule to the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is looking out the window and various people and things whirl by. I can SO relate to this. Oh look! There goes JJ with a birthday party hat on her head -- maybe she'll get my gift on time if I FedEx it overnite. And there goes my husband -- oh no! I forgot that I was going to meet him at Islands for dinner 1/2 hour ago. Gee, why did my boss just whirl by the window? Oh yeah ... we have a meeting in 15 minutes -- maybe I'll get all green lights between home and work and can make it just in time (now there's a fantasy!).

Yes, my life is very busy and I often feel like the tornado is going to pick me up and never let go -- I will just whirl around forever trying to grab parts of my life as they whizz by. THEN ... then ... I suddenly find myself in the peaceful eye of that storm. I receive a phone call from JJ telling me all about her birthday and "thank you" for the present. I have a relaxing 2 hour dinner with my husband who doesn't mind that I'm 1/2 hour late. I get to the meeting just in time and find a cup of coffee waiting for me.

I feel needed. I feel loved. I feel appreciated.

Sleeping with Bread is a Monday meme thought up by Mary at Life, the Universe and Everything.


  1. Isn't it amazing how those little things can change our perceptions. That whizzing by stuff might not be all bad!

    At best you made the meeting, remembered the birthday and managed a pretty cool dinner with himself.
    Is this where I say 'give yourself a break'?

  2. Oh! That's a great analogy! And it's really great that things worked out with everyone.

    I hope you put in that Outlook to write more often. I really enjoy reading when you write.

    I haven't entirely forgotten the book meme. I just ohhh we'll just say I bonked my head and it got postponed.

    have fun!

  3. Mel - yes, somehow things seem to work out and I'm getting a lot better at saying "oh well" if they don't.

    MarillaAnne - I'm looking forward to your book meme post, but I sure do understand postponement!