Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dance of the Dragonfly

A bug made me smile today. Yes, as in creepy crawly critter. Well, this one doesn't creep and crawl ... it flies. I was in my car waiting at a red light and listening to a melodic little song called "Forever Is Just a Word in a Lovesong" by Tobias Froberg. Suddenly, a dragonfly dropped into view and hovered on the other side of the windshield looking in at me. Then the little beauty took off and danced around the car, dipping and swirling to "Forever...." This little performance was what made me smile.

The only other bug that has ever made me smile is the firefly. Some call these critters lightning bugs. I think firefly sounds more magical. I remember chasing fireflies on summer nights in Ohio. Ah, the joy we felt as we ran, laughing and squealing with delight, through the tall damp grass at dusk. If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can still smell that grass. I regret that we trapped them in jars and held them captive overnight. Most likely they didn't survive until morning. I can't remember. What I do remember is laying in the dark watching them blink away in the jar on my dresser. We moved to Arizona when I was six; a place without fireflies. My six year old curiosity soon turned to my new environment and I forgot all about the little blinkers. Then ... I took a trip to Tennessee a few years ago. Sometime around dusk I was out walking and saw a flash from the corner of my eye. By the time I looked, the light had disappeared. I thought one of the sidewalk lights had flickered. About a minute later I caught another burst of light but was unable to locate the source. I didn't have to wait long though for an explanation. Within moments the air was full of little winking lights. Fireflies! I stood, enchanted, and lost track of time as I watched them glitter all around me through the trees and grass. The original twinkle lights. Again, I smiled.

I'm still amazed that a couple of bugs can make me smile. What makes you smile?

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  1. This story makes me smile.

    Marley boogie boarding.

    Colin laughing.

    My new blog makeover. ;)