Monday, August 14, 2006

Who's Counting?

Well, I am for one. And so are over one hundred other ladies on the Diet Naked Team over at Amazing Shrinking Mom. Mel, aka the Amazing Shrinking Mom, has put together an online accountability group for those trying to lose weight. The naked part?? Oh, well that just refers to the vulnerable position of revealing to the world our weight, how much we lose (or gain) each week, and ... what the drivers license says we weigh. Snicker.

After a serious illness called going to college, going to college some more, and not knowing when to stop going to college, I emerged with three degrees and twenty five additional pounds. Throw into this mix one management job, one career change, and the acquisition of a teenage stepdaughter and you can see that I didn't really have time to notice I was gaining weight. Four major research papers due this week? Eat some chocolate. Business lunch? Have a drink. Teenager got herself in trouble? Have a cookie ... and a drink.

At first a youthful metabolism seemed to keep things in check. An extra five pounds was nothing a freshly washed pair of jeans couldn't fix. But no longer being in my 20s ... OK ... no longer being in my 30s I've found that I must create a metabolism each day. This means lots of movement. Lots. Did I say lots?

During those long years of degree seeking and career chasing, I FELT active. I went to bed each night FEELING like I had just run a marathon. Doesn't that count? Evidently eyeball activity doesn't burn enough calories to fend off weight gain and keyboarding is not considered a sport. Such is life.

Ah yes, life. Mine was missing something important. Activity. Not perceived activity or stress, but REAL activity. I used to walk and cycle long distances. I used to be able to bench press something heavier than a soup can. I was an active person. Well, I want that part of my life back.

I'm reclaiming that active life and smaller person. I've re-discovered my love of walking and cycling. The soup can has been traded in for some real weights and I'm able to drop some serious push-ups. I feel better. I sleep better. And the weight is almost off. Am I counting? You betcha!


  1. That's terrific, Terri!

  2. LOL! Great post. You sound inspired. And, I have to say, this story sounds er, vaguely familiar. Hmm...wonder why?