Monday, July 31, 2006

Sleeping with Bread Monday

Sleeping with Bread Monday
In the last week, when did I feel the most grateful and the least grateful?

This past week my husband and I took a trip to Pismo Beach to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I am so very grateful for the wonderful man I married and that we are both committed to our marriage. I am also grateful for the cool weather we were able to enjoy while at the Central Coast. I do believe it might have been the only cool spot in California!

I was not very grateful for the horrid L.A. Basin traffic that we had to join in order to get home on Friday. I am not a big city kinda girl and often question why I live here -- especially when driving back into the city after having spent time away. For my views on big city traffic see Driving In My Car.

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  1. Those two pictures are definitely a study in contrasts! Thanks for participating in my meme.