Friday, June 02, 2006

Seeing only one ninth...

Ever have the feeling that there is "more to the story" than what you see or hear? I feel that way often. News stories, projects, communities, people, life in general. All of these are generally more complex than they first appear. Like the iceberg, I might see only one ninth of any given picture. That leaves a lot to be discovered!

I've learned to check facts and context before believing what I hear in the news. I've learned to research and plan projects before spontaneously hurling myself at something that I thought would be simple and quick. Most importantly I've learned to look under the surface that most people present. Sometimes this is disappointing but other times I make a friend that I wouldn't have made had I just accepted the first impression.

Yet for all of my "learning" and intentions, "tip of the iceberg" seems to be an appropriate metaphor for my journey through life. No matter how much I try to get beneath the surface of things, much of life still goes floating by and all I see is the obvious. How about you?

Welcome to Tip of the Iceberg.

Photo credit: 1999 Ralph A. Clevenger


  1. Hey Terri... I'm so excited to see the first post and am really looking forward to more.

    FYI, on my bookmarks, I have my blogs marked under Family, Memorials, Just for Fun, Mommybloggers, Friends, and Thinkers_Ranters_Artists, etc. While you would fit in many of the above categories, Tip of the Iceberg is in the Thinkers, Ranters, Artists, etc. category.

    Oh, I am still figuring out how to put a picture in the template. It is too cool a picture to not have in there all the time.

  2. I'm sure I'll get in a rant or two (or three or ...)! Haven't had any really good ones lately. I guess I should be happy about that!

  3. I think this is a thoughtful and throught-provoking name for a blog. I enjoyed reading everything that is here.

  4. Kvetch, Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you here again. You'll probably see me over at your place too.

  5. An interesting choice of theme -- I like it.

    And for me, also a familiar photo: here's my tip of the iceberg.

    Great minds think alike?


  6. etbnc, Thanks for dropping in! I've left you a comment over at your tip of the iceberg post.